We do not make games
We do not produce things
We do not give advice
We build experiences

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15 experience
3 games
18 jam's
140 trained
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We are a small team of passionate people, based in Lyon. Thanks to our experience, we are now constantly looking for new and inspiring experiences for ourselves and our community.
At HiQub, we put a real emphasis on sharing, discovery and culture, no matter how retro it is. It's our way of living our experience and passing it on to the students we train, the companies we work with and the studios we support.
What is HiQub? Cube with a Q?
The answer is quite simple: we represent a project, client or internal, as a cube to be shaped and we are an additional "layer" that is added to become a beautiful "hypercube", a hand-in-hand adventure towards success. We just shortened Hypercube to something more graphic: HiQub.
It is also important to associate ourselves with the classic representation of a cube through play: the dice of a role-playing game, the "placeholder" cube for a level, the complexity and logic of a rubik's cube. Simplicity at the service of complexity.

HiQub Studio is our game creation service. Before developing them, we are above all very big gamers. We have a strong cult following for collecting references from the oldest video games to the newest releases to serve our productions.
We produce all kinds of experiences on all platforms in all kinds of games: the need is one thing, its solution is another.

HiQub Making is our production service for external projects. We provide competencies for your projects and products. Not only video games, but anything we can make to succeed.
We can produce 3D assets and products, technical solutions and game concepts.
Game management and production is our forte, but we have other profiles: 2D / 3D artists, game designers, full stack programmers, narrative designers and sound designers.

HiQub Consulting is our consulting and intervention service for companies through :
Pre-production support at the decision-making, strategic, technical, human resources, design and architectural levels.
Production management in terms of optimization, workflow, equipment sizing and software equipment.
Workshops and master classes in companies or incubations and teaching in schools, in the field of video games and web, and monitoring of student projects.



A.D.N. is a narrative investigation/adventure game, set in a futuristic French city destabilized by the civil rights struggle of Artificial Intelligences.


Gaëtan SAURA
Creative & Technical Director
One man army
Solenne MARTY
Executive Producer & 3D Artist
Voice of wisdom
Art Director & Concept artist
Therapist Mymy


We have a very special relationship with games. They make us who we are and we aspire to pass that on to you as our favorite games have done for us.
We love telling stories, creating memorable experiences and inventing worlds. We still have many frontiers to cross and horizons to explore.
When we start a project, we strive to take pride in what we do.
Our dedication is now rewarded with real customer satisfaction for quality work.
Our main leitmotiv, almost visceral, is the exchange of knowledge. We have always believed that if we contribute something to the world, we will be rewarded by its equivalent.
We try to create a strong link between our community, the schools where we teach, our colleagues' studios and the clients we support.
We are not satisfied with a simple professional agreement, but a real relationship can emerge.



2 rue des Mûriers
Villa Créatis
69009 Lyon

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